Organic Basil and Bergamot Soy Heart Wax Melts - MOOD BOOST

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Mood Boost

Basil a slightly coarse sweet herbaceous odour with a camphoraceous tinge blended with fruity Bergamot, citrus and sweet with a warm spicy floral quality are both natures' very own antidepressants and help to improve mood and wellbeing.

NATURAL ESSENTIAL OILS AND COLOURS - The perfumes and colours within our candles and wax melts are natural or naturally derived. This means they are found in nature or are made from ingredients that are sourced from nature. These ingredients are safer, healthier and longer-lasting than candles or wax melts that are man-made with artificial chemicals.

HAND POURED  - We infuse organic cruelty-free essential oils into our superior eco soya wax. A natural wax with longer, cleaner-burning and with noted environmental benefits over cheaper paraffin wax.

10 hearts - 60g -  We believe in quality over quantity. Our secret? We use the highest quality wax, essential oils. This gives our wax melts a more natural, more consistent 'throw' with far superior smell quality.

Use with an unscented soy tealight.

Hand Made in the UK -- Vegan friendly -- Non-GM source -- Cruelty-free -- Ethically made  -- Natural or Naturally Derived -- 28+ hours burn time