Organic Peppermint and Rosemary Soy Candle - MOTIVATION

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Combining the cool fresh aromas of Peppermint and Rosemary to invigorate the senses and stimulate clear thinking.

Peppermint with its grassy-mint scent is a perennial herb, it is part of the mint family and its aroma gently erases mental fatigue.

Rosemary has a strong, fresh, minty herbaceous scent with a woody-balsamic undertone that soothes hypertension and provides a mental boost.

NATURAL ESSENTIAL OILS AND COLOURS - The perfumes and colours within our candles are natural or naturally derived. This means they are found in nature or are made from ingredients that are sourced from nature. These ingredients are safer, healthier and longer-lasting than candles that are man-made with artificial chemicals.

HAND POURED  - We infuse organic cruelty-free essential oils into our superior eco soy wax. A natural wax with longer, cleaner-burning and with noted environmental benefits over cheaper paraffin wax.

UP TO 40 HOUR BURN TIME -  We believe in quality over quantity. Our candle is small when compared with some candles with a similar burn time - Our secret? We use the highest quality wax, essential oils, wick and tin. This gives our candles a more natural, more consistent 'throw' with far superior smell quality.

Hand Made in the UK -- Vegan friendly -- Non-GM source -- Cruelty-free -- Ethically made -- Lead-free wick -- Natural or Naturally Derived -- 35-40 hours burn time